Struggling to Lose Weight? Organize Your Kitchen Now!

“Aren’t your weight loss plans working out? Here’s what you can do. Organize your kitchen and see its surprising effects on your diet. Just follow these simple rules.” 


Tired of trying various means to cut down that extra flab? Have you tried to organize your kitchen? You will be surprised to know that every nitty-gritty in your kitchen from the décor to the dishes plays an important part in shaping you up. Not convinced, right? Check out these interesting facts and you will know what I mean.

Say no to cluttered countertop

How many of you keep your kitchen countertops clean? I know none of you have raised your hands. Who loves to keep those cornflakes tin and cereal packets into the cabinet when you have to pull them out every morning? Well, if you are guilty of this crime, it’s time that you de-clutter your countertop and put the food back into the pantry. Here’s why. A study conducted by Journal Health Education and Behavior on more than 200 kitchens shows that you eat what you see. So even if you keep a healthy food like cereals on your countertop, you tend to binge on them every time you pass. And that will add up to your calories.

Stay away from cute kitchen tools

How can a cute little thing like a doll-shaped ice-cream scooper be the reason of your increasing waistline? Sounds funny, right? But according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research cutely designed kitchen tools can be deceptive. They play with our minds. Since they are cute, we hardly resist them. We let our guard down and gobble up that extra piece of cake or take a bigger scoop of ice-cream. Stay away from these notorious beauties. Use a pretty salad tong or a cute water bottle instead to draw your attention towards healthy food habits.

Place healthy foods in places that catch your attention

Yes, you got it right! Place that bowl of fruits on the kitchen counter. Hide those chocolates behind the box of cereals. Keep ice-creams at the furthest corner of the freezer. Do you know why? According to a study from Cornell University, we are programmed to eat what’s convenient. So if healthier food is made convenient to you, it is likely that you will eat it more.

Trim your dinnerware

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to literally do it! We all know that eating small portions helps a lot in reducing weight. But do you know that smaller dishes make it easier to get the right serving portion? A study in the Journal of the Federation American Societies for Experiment Biology shows that people who ate in 7-inch dishes consumed 22% less than what they used to eat in 10-inch dishes. So exchange that bigger plate and bowls with smaller ones and place them on the regular shelf of your cabinet. Small is in, big is out! 

Work on the ambiance

It’s funny but effective. Create an ambiance that encourages you to eat less. But how? Don’t reserve low music and dimmed lights only for romantic nights. According to a study conducted by the Cornell University, people focused more on the quality of the food rather than the quantity when the lights and music were low. So the next time the two of you sit for dinner, set up a soothing station. It will surely come as a surprise to him.

Give me red

Use the color red to eat less. Does this make any sense? It will when I’ll tell you that a study in the journal Elsevier found out that people ate 50% chocolate chips when they were served on red plates compared to blue, white or any other color. The trick is to add splashes of red anywhere from dish, towels, plates, bowls etc.

Now slim down in no time with these super easy hacks. Who knew organizing the kitchen was so important to get you into shape!

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