Don’t sacrifice fitness for work. Stay fit with these easy fitness tips

“When was the last time you hit the gym? Don’t blame your work. Check out these super easy fitness tips especially for professionals and start exercising now.” 


2017 is here. So what is your New Year resolution? Probably fitting into those old jeans, if I’m not wrong. But how can you, when you’re too busy to hit the gym. Don’t worry. Check out these fitness awesome tricks to get a fitter and better version of yourself.

Avoid the chair

 Working in an office setting requires you to sit on the chair for long hours. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fitness. Wondering how to stay active during office hours? Simply ditch the chair. Stand up and make phone calls, take the stairs instead of the elevator, hold walking meetings, take the long route to the washroom. Explore innovative ways in which you can ditch that chair at work.

Use your lunch time

How many of you have lunch during the entire duration of the lunch break? I am sure most of you will say no. And this is because a good part of the break is spent in chit-chatting, smoking cigarettes or having a cup of tea. Turn this solid 30 minutes of lunch time into fitness time. Hit your office gym and shed some sweat. Don’t have an office gym? Take a long walk. You’ll return to work feeling much lighter, guaranteed.

Beat that office slumber

When was the last time your manager caught you taking a nap? Office slumbers can really mess up your focus and concentration apart from landing you in trouble. So what is the solution? Don’t sit during lunch hours. Instead take long walks. It will boost your mood as well as help you handle stress at work in a more positive way. If possible, combine your walk with a meal replacement drink. Sounds good! 

Mind what you eat

Being professionals, we hardly get time to have a good breakfast. Obviously, lunch becomes the most vital meal of the day. But this does not mean you can have anything and everything during lunch. Mind what you eat. Have a meal with the most carbohydrates when the sun is at its peak. Avoid anything heavy after sundown. And definitely keep your dinner light.

Have dinner as early as possible

Sounds impossible? I know. How can you have an early dinner when you have to rush home, catch up with your family and friends and complete those chores after office? But do you know late dinners mean little or no time for food to get digested before you hit the bed? And this is the reason you end up sluggish in the morning, too tired to hit the gym. Break this dangerous cycle or you’ll never be able to fit into those old jeans. 

Walk, walk and walk

Do you know that walking is the most basic form of workout? And if you can’t walk for more than 30 minutes and that too at a very slow pace, how can you make it to the gym? Walk as much as you can to build some stamina. It will keep diabetes and blood pressure at bay and release endorphins that will lift up you mood. So instead of driving to work, walk to the nearest bus stop, take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk a-part while returning home from the office. Make difference with little steps in life.

Use fitness app

Is the gym too far from your place? Who said you need to visit the gym to be healthy? Bring the gym home. Confused? Use technology. How about a fitness app that guides you in the comforts of your own home? Get hold of your Smartphone, stream live videos and get ready for a fitness class anytime during the day.

Find a fitness buddy

Find a person who shares the same goal as yours. In this case, it is weight loss. He or she doesn’t have to be your partner or best friend, but someone who understands your weight loss journey and influences your exercise habits.

See, the tips are super easy like I told you. Some of you must have even known these I am sure, but didn’t think about it seriously. Most of us don’t like to exercise, but things can turn rather serious if you don’t take action on time. So what are you waiting for? Start exercising now!

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