Dental & Orthopaedic Care at Right Medical Centre

“Right Medical Centre is the best choice for your family. Dentist & Orthopaedic unit is most equipped to provide you updated and comfortable solution with least turnaround time.  It is time to flaunt not hide!!”

Orthopedic surgeon in Sharjah

Superlative dental care by supreme and experienced dentist is promised by Right Medical Centre.  In a most competent estimate, it recovers your teeth and maxillofacial diseases by renowned dentist in Sharjah.

Dr N.k Gupta with a vision to best serve and recover patient has envisaged this medical center. Among all other specialty treatment, Orthopaedics and surgery are the sections with highest success history.

Regular Dental Care

Apart from brushing your teeth twice daily, there is some preventive medicinal dental care as well.  It prevents some common teeth and gum related disease like pyorrhoea, cavity, and enamel loss. It keeps aging teeth strong, and newly adult teeth in shape and strength.

Dentures  vs Original teeth

Making new dentures or artificial removable teeth is not a solution to aging. With our latest technology of crowing, bridging are dedicated to restoring your own week or broken teeth. It ensures no other sensitivity, similar chewing force, and natural look.

By crowning and bridging, a similar tooth like cap is constructed out of metal or porcelain or glass mixed and implanted on the affected tooth. Thus no dentures and no worries…….be natural!!

Root Canal Treatment

It is again an alternative to take off the teeth.  Just the infected pulp under the teeth is removed and rubber made gutta- percha is placed.  Then it is crowned to protect.

Tooth whitening and veneering is also a major practice to shield misaligned, discolored broken teeth.

Our team of dentist in Sharjah is dedicated to grin your smile as it is our incentive!!

Orthopedic surgeon in Sharjah

Fractures immediately bang our impulse for Orthopaedics consultation on priority. With two main types of fracture, we decide to go for surgeon or general orthopedics.  If the bone breaks or fractures in a way where skin is perturbed by broken bones then immediate surgery should be done. In other cases, general orthopedics should be consulted.

Lower back Pain

It may be the reason for consistent wrong posture, heavy weight lifting or internal muscular sprain. Should be treated immediately.

Certain bones degenerative diseases, joint replacement, sports injury care are provided by the multifunctional department of Right Medical Centre.

With close association of physiotherapist, we support you in early relieving.

Joint pain, lumps, slip disc, muscle pain, ligament and tendon issues, swelling joints and lot more of bone disorder are treated with a highly proficient team of orthopedics.

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