Not just relieve uproot the trigger point of your bone pain

“Right Medical Centre alleviates all orthopedic or bone related diseases. It is specialized in recovering back pain, sports injury, sprain, fracture etc. Orthopedic surgeries are conducted with highest success rate. Close discern with physiotherapy rehabilitee faster.”

Orthopedic Surgeon in Sharjah

Right Medical Center at Sharjah is featuring itself as the one-stop solution to ailing orthopedic patients. It oaths to complete recovery with a team of highly experienced and skillful doctors. Under leadership Of Dr. N. K Gupta, it has unfurled multifunctional specialty unit.

Dr. Kapil Bakshi, top notch Orthopedic Surgeon in Sharjah is leading the specialty unit of Orthopedics. With his 37 years of impeccable experience and efficient team, he recovered astounding numbers of patients from orthopedic disorders.

Orthopedics comprises

Disorder related to bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, spine and skeleton come sunder orthopedics.  It recovers spinal dysfunctions, bone fractures, arthritis, sprain, joint replacement and sports injuries as well.

Back Pain

This is the most common problem. Factors behind it may be degenerative disc, muscle strain, lumbar spine, bones disorder, spinal muscles problem or something related to nerves and tendons issue. Immediate consultation with orthopedic is imperative.

Right Medical Center facilitates easy appointment booking system. Within no time get diagnosed by best back pain doctor in Sharjah and cure the root cause of it.

Athletics Care

To be a successful athlete you often come across sudden sprain or muscle cramp. Fracture, hair crack, tennis elbow also eventuates. With a board of sports injury specialist in Sharjah, our medical Centre provides fastest recovery and rehabilitation.

Technologically updated laboratory diagnoses the cause in précised time. With close deliberation of efficient physiotherapist and medicinal care, we are dedicated to getting you back in routine practice and form in shortest time span.

Orthopedic surgeon

Orthopedic surgery is required for several musculoskeletal system disorder. Modern science tries to keep away from traditional open surgery as much as possible. Invasive arthroscopic procedures are mostly in practice for easy recovery. Dislocations of joints on shoulder or limbs, trauma, surgery in the spine, degenerative diseases are some major cases for such orthopedic surgery.

With blue-chip orthopedic surgeon in Sharjah, we make the surgery precise and fastest recoverable to prevail normal course of life without any diseases.

Other orthopedic emergencies

Fracture in bone is a major orthopedic disorder which requires emergency medical care.

Osteoporosis and arthritis are two most vital disease related to bones and joints.  It occurs due to lessening of bones density and overused joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease caused due to autoimmune disorder and pains extremely.

With dedicated medical professionals, we endeavor to relief your pain and syndrome at earliest.

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