Medical Services at Right Medical Centre

“Not just doctors, diagnose with thebest laboratory in Sharjah. General Physician team to give you overall recovery and find out the actual reason behind stated symptoms is what Right Medical Centre aims at. Diabetes, a fatal disease is also treated here.”


Right Medical Centre was conceptualized and conceived by Dr. N.K Gupta. He is serving the mankind throughout his career. Boosted by ahighly skillful team of doctors it stands as a one point medical solution center. Along with that, it has a highly equipped laboratory in Sharjah certified by Ministry of Health, UAE.

Laboratory of Right Medical Centre

It is thebest laboratory in Sharjah which gives 100% genuine report in shortest time duration. Highly technologized and updated machinery are used. Headed by Ms. Smitha Gandhi, with 15 years and more experience she operates it as the most reliable diagnostic center.

Hematology profile including CBC which gives complete blood count component determination of RBC, WBC, and platelets. Other components like Vitamin levels, MVC, Blood film report and all other parameters are tested here.

Clinical Chemistry profile testing like lipid, serum, glucose, kidney functioning, anemia, electrolyte palate, liver functions are diagnosed here.

Endocrine gland secreting hormone are assessed like insulin, growth hormone, infertility, thyroid etc.

Serological and Immunological testing like allergy testing IgE, HIV, Ulcer, Hepatitis B and C, streptococcal antigen, Helicobacter Pylori are diagnosed here with accurate and efficient machinery.

Stool, Urine, Serum testing are done at this best pathology in Sharjah.

Radiological test like X-ray, ultrasoundis also done here.

General Physician Department

Shouldered by Dr. Elizabeth John with more than 25 years of experience you can get the best general practice in Sharjah. When you do not know the origin and reason for your disease then General physician in Sharjah is at your service to diagnose and cure. Fever or unusual pain needs animmediate diagnosis. The respiratory problem, pain in abdomen are some major symptoms. General immunity dosage like vaccination is done. Apart from that immigration health certification, corporate and school kidscheckup program are conducted.


Diabetes doctor in Sharjah treats Diabetes Mellitus comprising Diabetes 1, Diabetes 2 and Gestational diabetes. Insulin level of the body is regulated in maintaining a healthy body. Major symptoms of are repeated urination, both thirst and hunger increased which leads to high blood sugar level. Based on requirement doctor will prescribe you insulin injection or else healthy diet, control of sweet contained food and regular exercise.

Keep happy as we are with you to adieu all ailments!!


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