Treat your pain bone to bone –Orthopaedics

“Right Medical Centre provides a sum total solution for orthopaedic, musculoskeletal disorder, bone fracture, sports injury and lot more. Orthopaedic surgeon supported by technologized and efficient Physiotherapist pledges complete rehabilitation. “


Sprain?  Pain in bones? Connect Right Medical Centre and get it relieved in a flash!!

Right Medical Centre is at your service round the clock and pledges to get you well expeditiously. The department of bone specialist in Sharjah treats all your ailments related to bones, spines, tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints. Not just that, sports injuries, physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery are conducted by thetop-notch orthopaedic surgeon,Dr Kapil Bakshi and team.

Know when you need to consult an orthopaedic


Due to overusingor over stress sometimes pulling of ligament happens which is called sprain.  It constricts muscles cause tremendous pain. Some extreme cases restrict movement.


Bone cracking needs immediate treatment and plaster to rehabilitate fractured bone. Orthopaedic specialist in Sharjah can relieve all your pain.

Swelling joints &tendons –

Joint gets swelled and pains severely. Bones are connected to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Tendons make muscles move thus bones makes amovement. When these tendons swell it is called tendinitis.  And when bursa swells it is called bursitis. Bursa is present in between two bones as a sac which prevents friction between two hard bones thus limiting bones injury.


It is a bone deformation caused due to lessening of density. The structure becomes thin, deformed and fragile. Immediate medication should be done for earliest recovery.

Rheumatoid arthritis

An autoimmune disease caused due to excessive secretion of some enzymes from our body which declines the skeleton system, tissues, affecting thelining of bones, joints and muscles.

How we cure

With exercise, medicines, physiotherapy and last but not least, orthopaedic surgery is done with highly experienced and skilled team of doctors.

Your pain counts on us!!

So we dedicate each of our breath in carvingout your pain and let the smile shine backagain. International quality of treatment and care is given in a package cost that doesn’t bug your pocket.

Orthopaedic surgeon in Sharjah

When any fracture or sprain or sports injury prevails, it demands orthopaedic surgeons’ care immediately. Or any joint replacement or bone related problem may stand on thecause as surgery.


Physiotherapist in Sharjah is a support in relieving orthopaedic pain. We follow updated methods and techniques of physiotherapy which may relievedisorders and rehabilitateyour normal workflow.

Traditional methods and effects

Exercise is the traditional as well as ever best way to gain back flexibility. Apart from that Manipulative and Manual method of therapy exerts pressure on neuro-musculoskeletal points by an expert to heal the pain. For sports injury especially it is much effective. Trigger Point release or myofascial point caused by contracted knots of muscle and tissue could be quickly recovered by this method.

Electrotherapy Technology

The most updated technology is transmitting electric signals through brain and nervous system that affecting pain gate. TENS &IFTS implements electrical impulse in reducing pain.

Kinesiotaping& Acupuncture

Kinesio tapes are used to restrict movement for some time by warping joints and muscles. While Kinesio tape is wound around paining muscles to support movement range.

Acupuncture is needle inserting method either on meridian of body or at trigger point.

All of us should maintain a proper posture and rightly set our daily sitting arrangement for work to prohibit trigger point and other related problems. Our special team of consultants help in assessing the same.

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