How These 5 Types of Doctors Can Help Women Lead a Healthy Life

Women need doctors at different stages of their life. Read this blog to know the types of doctors that you need at some point or the other to lead a healthy and happy life.”

Women Lead a Healthy Life

Women’s health is more complex than that of men and they have to deal with different health issues in different stages of life. Women’s health care needs vary at different points of their lives and they may require a number of different doctors to help them lead a healthy life. Read this blog to know the 5 types of doctors every woman need.


1.General physician

A general physician is a primary care provider or the main doctor that every woman needs to monitor her health issues at different stages of her life. General physicians are mainly family doctors who take care of common illness like colds, minor infections, and other health issues. If efficient enough, they can even manage chronic issues like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. They serve as the base for your medical care and maintain your medical history in one place. Here is a list of questions that you must ask your family doctor the next time you visit him. This will help you to get the best results from his treatment.


  • What can I do to improve my overall health?
  • Are there any health problems in the family that can put me at risk?
  • What screening tests should I do this year?


2. Gynecologist

A gynecologist is a doctor specializing in female reproductive organs. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women should make their first visit to a gynecologist to check their reproductive health at the age from 13 to 15. After that, they can visit yearly or whenever it is required. A gynecologist may ask you for a Pap smear test when you visit him though this test is not applicable for women under the age of 21. The first visit to the gynecologist generally comprises of assessing your overall health and questions related your changing body.  Here are some vital questions that you must ask your gynecologist to ensure a healthy reproductive system.


  • How often do I need to do a Pap smear test?
  • How often do I need a pelvic exam?
  • Which type of birth control is best for me?
  • What tests should I need to do if I get sexually transmitted infections?


 3. Obstetrician

Most women visit an obstetrician as he is a doctor specializing in pregnancy and childbirth. Most obstetricians are also gynecologists. The obstetrician will guide a woman through the entire process of pregnancy till child birth. He will take care pregnancy complications if there are any. Make sure to ask these questions to your specialist once you visit him. This will help you to manage your pregnancy period smoothly.


  • How often will I need pre-natal care?
  • Do I have a high-risk pregnancy?
  • How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
  • What shouldn’t I eat during pregnancy?
  • Are there any preventive measures that I need to take during pregnancy?


4. Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a doctor specializing in treating skin conditions. He can also help women suffering from nail and hair problem. So visit a skin specialist if you are suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or skin changes related to aging. The dermatologist can also conduct a full body skin check-up for moles to identify the early signs of melanoma.


5. Eye specialists or ophthalmologists and dentists

Eyes specialists are trained to deliver eye and vision care. Women can visit eye specialists for regular vision and lens check up or to treat serious eye conditions. To maintain a good oral health, women should also make a regular visit to the dentist especially during the old age.


These are the types of doctors every woman need at some point to help her lead a beautiful and fulfilling life.

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