Summer Skincare: 4 Ways That Will Help Your Skin “Beat the Heat”

Do you want your skin to remain glowing and healthy throughout summer? Yes? Then read the article to get some essential skincare tips.”

skincare tips

Summer is knocking at the door and the first thing that’s going to strike your mind is, how will my skin be able to beat the heat, isn’t it? I completely understand this, as I’m pretty conscious about both my skin and hair. And feel terrible when sweat and oil make my skin look like nothing but a lubricant during the summers.  In fact, due to the sweat and oil, there are some people who wake up with the horrifying sight of red-plum pimples, mostly over their t-zone. So, are you one of those men/women who suffer from both these issues during the scorching months? If yes, then all your skin needs is a proper therapy during the summers.

You must be thinking that, I’m going to suggest you to go to a parlor, skincare specialist or a dermatologist for a special, summer skin care therapy. But, trust me, I’m not going to suggest you something that’s going to be too expensive. I’ll just provide you with certain tips that are really useful if you follow them on a regular basis.

So, want to know about the tips or ways that are going to help your skin stay healthy and glowing during the summers? Yes? Then keep reading! Here are some ways that are surely going to keep your skin at its best condition. Take a look.

  • Exfoliate your skin- One of the major things that you will have to do during summers, in order to keep your skin at its pinkest of health is, exfoliation. Exfoliation is much needed because our skin cells keep shedding at an amazing rate that too every minute of the day. Hence, you need to scrub them off in order to keep your skin look and feel healthy. And remember one thing, don’t just exfoliate your facial skin. Make sure you exfoliate your entire body.
  • Drink loads of water- Do you know who is your skin’s best friend? It’s none other than water! Hence, try to drink minimum eight glasses of water per day. And if possible, carry a water bottle with you throughout this scorching season. Also, remember to drink once every 30 min. Drinking loads of water during summer won’t just keep your skin fresh, but it also prevents dehydration. Plus, all your body toxins will wash out easily.
  • Make sunscreen your best friend- Are you thinking of using your last year’s sunscreen this year too? If yes, then please don’t commit this mistake. Why? It’s because sunscreens are not meant to last longer. Hence, buy a new SPF 30 or SPF 70 sunscreen that has qualities to protect your skin from UVA and UVB. And remember to reapply it every one or two hours a day if you are going to stay outside your home until noon.
  • Ditch make up during summer- If you are a makeup freak, I can totally understand that ditching makeup throughout the summer could be really tough for you. But, if you want a good skin throughout this season, use minimum makeup. Just use an SPF cream/SPF compact, a lip balm that has SPF 15 and try to avoid eye makeup totally, because it anyway gets messed up by the end of the day.

Now, when you know all the essential summer skincare tips, hope you will follow them religiously. If your skin remains awesome throughout this summer, do thank me later!

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