How to do eyebrow threading – an amazing beauty method

You are perhaps very familiar with the way of plucking the eyebrows with tweezers or razor blades. These methods cannot remove unwanted eyebrow hairs and even damage the skin around your eyes. Why don’t you try doing the eyebrow threading? Eyebrow hair removal with a thread is not new. It is considered that the eyebrow threading originated in India. However, it is very effective and easy to do at home.

eyebrow threading tips

Following are four advantages of the eyebrow threading you are difficult to find in other methods of eyebrow hair removal.

  1. Shape the eyebrows with great accuracy.

Removing excess eyebrow hairs in the area around the eyes is very difficult to do because it requires carefulness and skilfulness. With eyebrow threading, you can prune your eyebrow hairs with high precision. Using this threading method helps to remove the smallest eyebrow hairs or redundant, unhealthy and even eyebrow hair growing in places that cannot be plucked by hand or waxing. Therefore, it helps to create graceful, clean eyebrows and they are clearly defined by the frame.

  1. Remove excess eyebrow hairs effectively

Just by using twisted threads together, you can eliminate roots of hairs and they are thinner than before when growing again. While using tweezers or waxing can break the roots of hairs so they grow bigger again, using threading method makes the eyebrow hairs grow again more slowly so you do not have to spend a lot of time fixing your eyebrows like using previous methods. Your eyebrows will become neat and nice as what you have expected.

  1. Less pain

The method of eyebrow shaping by threading uses only one thread so it contains no toxic chemical and less pain. In the first time, you maybe feel a little uncomfortable but the level of pain is not as bad as waxing and in the next time, the pain will soften.

  1. Safe for the skin around the eyes

Wax can contain some chemical components such as moisturizers. If you use waxing, it may badly affect the area around the eyes because it is quite sensitive and easy to be stretched. This facilitates the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and makes them age.

Meanwhile, using threading method makes the skin around the eyes less reddened and look smoother. Thus, the eyebrow threading is a great option for those who have sensitive skin and is often irritable with depilatory or waxing medications.

Here are four steps on how to do eyebrow threading you can do at home:

Step 1: Form the shape of the eyebrows

Before threading, draw your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil on the shape which matches your face or your preferences. There is a small hint for you. Rounded eyebrows are suitable for the square face, arched eyebrows fit the round face and straight eyebrows are the perfect choice for long face.

Step 2: Brush and cut unnecessary parts of the eyebrow hairs

Brush your eyebrow hairs from the bottom up with a brow comb. Hold the eyebrow hairs in a place with the brush. Use eyebrow scissors to trim too long eyebrow hairs. Then, brush your eyebrow hairs from up to down and hold it in a place again. Trim any long hairs with the scissors.

Step 3: Prepare a piece of sewing thread

To thread your eyebrows, you need to prepare a piece of sewing thread. It is about thirty-five centimeters long. Then tie two ends of the thread together to make a loop and make sure that the knot is tight. Put both your hands into the loop, stretch and twist it several times in the middle to make the thread stronger when plucking the eyebrows.

Step 4: Do eyebrow threading

After inserting your fingers into the twisted loop of the thread, place the thread close to the skin you want to remove the hairs. Doing opening and closing movements makes the redundant hairs grabbed by the corners of the twisted center and they are easy to be removed. Repeat this process in different places around your eyebrows until you have satisfying eyebrows.

There are some following notes when you thread your eyebrows.

  • You should remove the hairs out of the eyebrow shape you draw before ones in the eyebrow shape.
  • This method of pruning eyebrows can make you a little painful and redden the skin around the eyebrows in the beginning if you are unfamiliar but the pain will reduce gradually after some hours.
  • You should maintain the eyebrow threading every two weeks to keep the clean and neat shape of your eyebrows.
  • You should not use any products on your eyebrows right after the eyebrow threading. After at least two hours, you can use moisturizers, cleanser or makeup on the eyebrow area so that bacteria cannot penetrate your pores.
  • You should not use a razor blade in the process of the eyebrow threading because it does not remove hairs completely and makes left roots of hairs thick and rough. Using razor blades can make the hairs grow backwards and harder for later eyebrow threading.

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