3 Essential Things That You “Must-Follow” to Wow Her on Bed

 Want to wow your beloved on bed? If yes, then read this article to know about the things that you “must-follow”.”

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Are you planning to take your newly wedded wife for a honeymoon? If yes, then I’m sure that you are pretty excited because it’s your first vacation with her, after you both got hitched. So, what’s your plan? Have you thought about wowing her? If your answer is no, then what are you waiting for? Start thinking right away! In case you are thinking that just letting her shop, and taking her to luxurious restaurants will be enough to impress your lady love then, you are seriously mistaken. There’s something else that you need to do and that is, make sure you wow her on the bed. Yes, you got me right! I’m talking about love-making or to be precise, sex.  Well, let me be a bit straight forward, great sex is one of the ways to a woman’s heart. Hence, don’t think that your wife is going to be impressed if you keep on showering expensive things on her; she needs to “feel you inside her”. So, make sure you plan something marvelous for her every day when the lights go off.

Now, you must have already started thinking about the sex positions you are going to try, which kind of babydoll dress you are going to gift her, or what perfume you would spray on your body to attract her. Well, thinking about these things is surely essential. But, there are a few other things as well, which you need to keep in mind to “wow” her. Want to know about those “things”? Well then, keep reading this article on men sexual health tips.

Foreplay, Foreplay, and More Foreplay!

According to a research, more than half of the men fail to wow their lady because of they don’t give ample time and effort in foreplaying with their partner. Hence, pay attention when you are foreplaying with your wife. A good foreplay will not just turn her on to the fullest, but it’ll arouse you as well. And, the more aroused you both are, the more you’ll enjoy having sex. So, never neglect foreplaying with your partner. And, to know what turns her on the most, please include every kind of intense action to your foreplay such as oral sex, manual sex and etc.

Give Her “Kud-ohhs” When she’s in Action

One of the major mistakes that men make when having sex is that, they stay silent. Maybe, most of them stay silent because they are “silently enjoying” things but somehow, this is not what girls like. When you are silent, they might think you are not enjoying it. Hence, never stay silent. Surprise her with unexpected moans or compliments such as “Jesus, you are too good!”.

Never Stop Kissing While having Sex

Often, what many men do is that once they are consumed with their “below the belt” activity, they stop kissing their partner. And trust me, that’s a big turn off for women. To make your spouse feel that you are present and into her, you have to keep up that connection by kissing her passionately. Hence, while having sex, take a minute to resume making out.

So, these were the three essential things that you must keep in mind to wow your partner sexually. Hope you’ll follow them and make your sex life amazing. To know more about sex or men’s sexual health problems, you can keep checking out Being Fitness Freak’s blogs. In fact, you can also spread sexual health education through this website by sharing your blogs or articles.

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