Dating Your Friend’s Ex? 3 Vital Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Maintain a Healthy Relationship

“Are you dating your friend’s ex? If yes, then read the article to get some useful relationship advices.”

Whenever I question some of my friends or close ones, “Would you date your friend’s ex?”, they either give me a disgusted look or else, they tell me unequivocally that they would never do such a thing. Why? Of course, because they believe that’s almost next to a crime or a sin! Well honestly, even I’m not quite comfortable with this idea, maybe because I haven’t faced such a situation. But yes, I don’t oppose it. After all, if you, your friend and his/her ex (your boyfriend/girlfriend) is okay with the relationship and are comfortable with it, nobody should have a problem! So yes, if you are dating your friend’s ex, I’m not going to judge you. Instead, I’m going to help you make this relationship healthier with your boyfriend/girlfriend, as well as with your friend.

Now, you must be surely thinking, how I am going to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your friend and his/her ex, right? Well, I’ll be giving you a few relationship tips, and I hope these tips will help you make your bond stronger, with both of them.

Take a look at these below-mentioned tips.

Tip 1- Don’t Snoop into Their Past Relationship

Yes, you might feel tempted to ask your bud to analyze his/her relationship with your present boyfriend/girlfriend, so that you can avoid the same mistakes. But, resist that urge as it could literally disturb your friend and you never know, he/she might start refraining from you. Similarly, don’t grill your partner  about what went wrong. Trust me, this could screw up your relationship with both of them.

Tip 2- Don’t Be Paranoid

Generally, when people get into a relationship with their friend’s ex, there are high chances that they’ll get paranoid and would do some petty things like keeping their bud and boyfriend/girlfriend from interacting because of constant insecurity. However, try dealing with your paranoid instincts before this could actually take a massive toll on your relationship with both your friend and your present partner. Stay positive, never bring the doubt that your man/woman is still having feelings for his/her ex, who is your close bud. I know it’s hard, but council yourself. Being paranoid is not at all good for your mental health also.

Tip 3- Respect Boundaries

If your friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t willing to go somewhere together, don’t force them. Instead, allow them to decide how much contact they want with each other. If they are not comfortable to attend the same get-together or party, respect their decision. Set aside time for each of them and honor it. For instance, don’t drag your lover along at a girls’ sleepover, and don’t invite your friend to your lover’s private party.

So, these were a few tips that would help you strengthen your relationship with your friend and his/her ex (your current boyfriend or girlfriend). If you have enjoyed this blog and are looking forward to reading my relationships blog, keep following my guest posts in Being Fitness Freak. If you want, you can also write relationships advice guest blog for this website.

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