Say “Bye” To Missionary- Here are 3 Hottest Sex Positions That You Must Try

“Want to spice up your sex life? If yes, then ditch missionary position immediately and try something more exciting! To know more, read on.”

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Are you one of those men who are really bored of having sex in the missionary position? And, is your wife/girlfriend demanding you to do something even hotter and exciting? Well then, I must say that you have clicked on the right blog. Because here, I’m going to talk about a couple of sexual poses which will not just help you wow your woman, but at the same time, it’ll take you to the real “seventh heaven”. I’m sure you know what I mean! So, just sit back, relax and keep reading this amazing article on 3 different sex positions that every guy must try at least once in his lifetime; or should I say, before their “junks” give up?

But, before I share the positions I would like to say, these posses are extremely different from the relaxing, missionary pose; hence, and you need excess stamina for it. So if needed, contact your doctor and take sexual health supplements.

The Waterfall Pose

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?  And I’m pretty sure that by now, several questions have popped in your mind like “Do we need to do this under the shower?”, “Has this position something to do with water?” and so on. But, let me tell you that you that neither do you need to do this under the shower, nor will you need water for this (just lube would do wonders!) Want to know how you can actually do this pose? Well then, here’s a brief description for you:

  • Instruction: Basically, you need to lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor, and the rest of your body has to be lifted on the edge of the bed/sofa. And then, have her straddle you. By doing so, you’ll instantly feel the rush of blood to your head, creating some mind-boggling sensations as you climax. And, I’m sure that your woman would love this as well!

The Wraparound Pose

While having sex, one of the major mistakes that most men make is that they are only concerned about their pleasure; they don’t even think or ask whether their partner is enjoying or not. Hope you are not one of them and you want your partner to enjoy as well, right? So, how about trying a position that is great for women orgasm? Sounds good? If yes, then try the wraparound pose.

  • Instruction: You have to sit on the bed, with your legs outstretched. Then, your partner has to climb on top of you, wrapping her legs round behind your back. And yes, not to forget, pull her closer to you. And then, she can carry on with the rhythmic movement. Trust me, this is surely one of those posses that’s going to tickle all her senses.

The Spoon Pose

Another position which is surely going to hit your woman’s ‘G-Spot’ is the spoon position. So, if you really want her to go wild and at the same time, immerse yourself in the “pool of pleasure”, then do give this pose a try! And yes, this is one of those posses that’ll help you get way too intimate with your partner, as you both will be almost hugging and clinging to one another.

  • Instruction: To try this amazing “G-spot hitting” position, both of you have to lie on your sides, facing the same wall/direction. The initial penetration can be a bit tricky so your partner might have to raise her leg and change the angle of her body. Or, she might have to do some wriggling around (lube can help in such a crucial situation). And once you are able to penetrate her deep, don’t stop giving her the “heavenly thumps”.

So, these were the three sex positions that you must definitely try with your partner. What? Three isn’t enough and you want to know about more sex positions? Well then, wait for my upcoming blog on sex positions and essential sexual health tips.

And, in case you have to share some tips for men’s sexual health problems, then you can easily write for Being Fitness Freak.

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