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3 Ingredients from Your Kitchen That Works Wonders on Your Skin

“If your expensive creams are not helping you get a flawless skin, switch to the common kitchen ingredients. To know more, read this blog.”

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Are you longing to post a picture on your social media accounts with a hash tag “good skin days”? But, none of the expensive products are helping you gain a flawless skin? If yes, then I would like to suggest you something. Ditch all the branded creams and face washes that promise about flawless skin and brighter skin tone. Instead, I would say, peep in your kitchen as you’ll find numerous ingredients there which can help you make your skin glow and stay supple.

Now, you must be wondering, which are those ingredients that can help you get a flawless, glowing skin right? Well then, please keep reading this blog. In this blog, I have mentioned about some of the common ingredients, straight away from the kitchen, which can help you maintain and pamper your skin. And, before I start writing about those ingredients, I would like to thank my mom for sharing these amazing beauty tips for skin.

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Ice, Honey, and Eggs- The Perfect Combo for a Face Lift

So, you have a party after you are done with your office? And, you’ll not have much time in hand to visit the salon for a face lift facial? Do not worry; ice, honey, and eggs are to your rescue! Yes, that’s right; these three kitchen ingredients can help you achieve an instant face lift. All you need to do is rub an ice cube with 1 tbsp of honey on your face. After that, beat an egg until it peaks and then, brush it onto your skin. Let it dry until you feel the stretch. And then, simply wash it with chilled water. That’s it! I bet you’ll see a visible difference.

Dull Skin Issues? Yogurt, Sugar, and Oranges Can Help

If you are tired of using all the branded creams and face washes for reviving your dull skin then, here’s a simple tip for beauty care at home, straight from my mom’s diary. Take out some frozen yogurt from your fridge, sprinkle some sugar on it and apply it on your face. Then, take orange halves and scrub it all over your face, until the sugar granules dissolve. Wash the face with iced water and then, you’ll see and feel that your skin has revived to quite some extent. Follow this regularly for excellent results or at least, once a week.

Pimple Problem? Don’t Pop, Just Apply Lemon Juice

When you see a pimple on your cheek or forehead on the night before a prom, date or any other special occasion, I’m sure you start freaking out just like I do. But, ever since my mother shared a simple trick with me, I no longer freak out or prick the pimple. Instead, I walk into my kitchen, take a lemon, squeeze it and apply the juice with a clean cotton swab on those irritants, and keep it overnight. Thinking about the result? It’s absolutely positive. You’ll see the pimple has vanished or reduced to a tiny, almost invisible bump.

So, these were a few common kitchen ingredients that can work wonders on your skin. Now that you know about the common ingredients, wait no more; start taking care of your skin right away! If you want to get quick fitness tips, keep reading my blogs. And, if you are an aspiring beauty blogger, you can also write beauty care guest blog for Being Fitness Freak.

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How to do eyebrow threading – an amazing beauty method

You are perhaps very familiar with the way of plucking the eyebrows with tweezers or razor blades. These methods cannot remove unwanted eyebrow hairs and even damage the skin around your eyes. Why don’t you try doing the eyebrow threading? Eyebrow hair removal with a thread is not new. It is considered that the eyebrow threading originated in India. However, it is very effective and easy to do at home.

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Following are four advantages of the eyebrow threading you are difficult to find in other methods of eyebrow hair removal.


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