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Picking A Health Insurance Policy Has Wound Up Being Fundamental

Nowadays of rising supportive augmentation, health alerts have horrifyingly changed into a standard as opposed to a special case. Picking a health insurance policy, consequently, has wound up being fundamental. The health insurance Dubai is mind-boggling and making as most health insurance procedures will deal with costs related to pre and post hospitalization, youngster mind and secure vehicle charges among others. It is central to watch that different insurance supplier in the nation offer health insurance things which offer a wide grouping of purposes of enthusiasm past deal with for hospitalization related costs.

health insurance


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3 Ingredients from Your Kitchen That Works Wonders on Your Skin

“If your expensive creams are not helping you get a flawless skin, switch to the common kitchen ingredients. To know more, read this blog.”

beauty care at home

Are you longing to post a picture on your social media accounts with a hash tag “good skin days”? But, none of the expensive products are helping you gain a flawless skin? If yes, then I would like to suggest you something. Ditch all the branded creams and face washes that promise about flawless skin and brighter skin tone. Instead, I would say, peep in your kitchen as you’ll find numerous ingredients there which can help you make your skin glow and stay supple.

Now, you must be wondering, which are those ingredients that can help you get a flawless, glowing skin right? Well then, please keep reading this blog. In this blog, I have mentioned about some of the common ingredients, straight away from the kitchen, which can help you maintain and pamper your skin. And, before I start writing about those ingredients, I would like to thank my mom for sharing these amazing beauty tips for skin.

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Ice, Honey, and Eggs- The Perfect Combo for a Face Lift

So, you have a party after you are done with your office? And, you’ll not have much time in hand to visit the salon for a face lift facial? Do not worry; ice, honey, and eggs are to your rescue! Yes, that’s right; these three kitchen ingredients can help you achieve an instant face lift. All you need to do is rub an ice cube with 1 tbsp of honey on your face. After that, beat an egg until it peaks and then, brush it onto your skin. Let it dry until you feel the stretch. And then, simply wash it with chilled water. That’s it! I bet you’ll see a visible difference.

Dull Skin Issues? Yogurt, Sugar, and Oranges Can Help

If you are tired of using all the branded creams and face washes for reviving your dull skin then, here’s a simple tip for beauty care at home, straight from my mom’s diary. Take out some frozen yogurt from your fridge, sprinkle some sugar on it and apply it on your face. Then, take orange halves and scrub it all over your face, until the sugar granules dissolve. Wash the face with iced water and then, you’ll see and feel that your skin has revived to quite some extent. Follow this regularly for excellent results or at least, once a week.

Pimple Problem? Don’t Pop, Just Apply Lemon Juice

When you see a pimple on your cheek or forehead on the night before a prom, date or any other special occasion, I’m sure you start freaking out just like I do. But, ever since my mother shared a simple trick with me, I no longer freak out or prick the pimple. Instead, I walk into my kitchen, take a lemon, squeeze it and apply the juice with a clean cotton swab on those irritants, and keep it overnight. Thinking about the result? It’s absolutely positive. You’ll see the pimple has vanished or reduced to a tiny, almost invisible bump.

So, these were a few common kitchen ingredients that can work wonders on your skin. Now that you know about the common ingredients, wait no more; start taking care of your skin right away! If you want to get quick fitness tips, keep reading my blogs. And, if you are an aspiring beauty blogger, you can also write beauty care guest blog for Being Fitness Freak.

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A Discourse on the Rampant Spread of Dengue Fever in India and its Preventive Measures

Rampant Spread of Dengue Fever

The year 2017 saw an upsurge of the deadly dengue fever in India with more than 18,700 -18,800 cases being reported from all over the country. Though the southern and eastern parts of the nation are among the worst-affected regions, the northern and central parts are also not free from its clutches.

For this reason, the ministry has instructed the states to enhance their awareness campaigns to check the spread of this vector-borne disease.

There is no exaggeration in the fact that dengue happens to be the greatest viral ailment or rather, executioner in the world as it is recorded to take the lives of more than fifty million people every year. The last two decades saw about thirty fold enhancement in its occurrence in this country.

Previously, dengue just reported some secluded cases. But this gradually turned into a glaring phenomenon in the subcontinent of India ever since its insurgence in the year 1996. The ever-increasing population in the semi-urban and urban areas is actually worsening the situation, in this case. This year, too, several patients have been tested positive for dengue.

How is Dengue Caused and Spread?

The dengue fever has been around ever since the year 1779. However, the details on the cause and transmission of this disease came to light only in the 20th century.

It has been found out that it is caused by the virus of the family Flaviviridae. It is mainly spread by the bites of the mosquito named Aedes Aegypti. They are known to bite late at night and early in the morning. Even a single bite can infect a person with the disease.

There is no antiviral vaccination or therapy to prevent dengue. The Aedes mosquito breeds and flourishes in water that is stagnant or stored. That is why, for preventing dengue the erstwhile methods have to be followed.

Symptoms to Look Out for Dengue Fever

Following are the symptoms that you should look out for as these, under most circumstances, signify the onset of this fever.

  • Headache
  • High Fever
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Skin Rashes

These symptoms may not be conclusive but they, under most cases, actually help you to assess the commencement of this ailment, at an early stage. That is why you should get yourself checked the moment you start experiencing any of these symptoms.

Nevertheless, many people ignore the early symptoms and this results in a more serious form of dengue fever. In this case, the symptoms will include the following.

  • Low levels of Blood Platelets
  • Bleeding
  • Low Blood Pressure Level
  • Leakage of Blood Plasma

Dengue is an ailment that has far-reaching consequences and thus, you should seek medical assistance during the early symptoms itself.

Preventive Measures to Restrict the Spread of Dengue

In order to protect us and our loved ones from the ongoing dengue threat, there are certain preventive methods. Just read on to know that.

  • The Aedes mosquito breeds both in dirty and fresh water. That is why you should ensure that no water gets to be stored or accumulated in or near the vicinity of your house and community.
  • Since Aedes is the vector that is responsible for spreading dengue, the best method of preventing it is to eradicate the growth and breeding of this kind of mosquito.
  • Make effort and keep your environ clean, empty out bins, pots, empty vessels and trunks that are unnecessarily storing water.
  • There should be sufficient amount of water supply and waste management for preventing the breeding of this kind of mosquito.
  • You must pour kerosene oil in the stagnating water in pot or coolers or any other water storing vessels.
  • Make sure you dispose of any type of bottles, tyres or any other props that can serve as mosquito breeding place.
  • Make use of any kind of mosquito coils, mosquito nets, aerosols and mats to prevent any kind of mosquito bite for you and your family.
  • You should also drain drinking water storage containers on a regular basis. The water storage tanks should be regularly kept covered and cleaned.
  • When you are susceptible to the mosquito bites, try applying the mosquito repellent creams especially, in the mornings and at nights.
  • As a precaution, make sure that the mosquitos do not succeed in biting you. Wear full-sleeved garments so that your entire body is covered and thus, mosquitos stay away from you.
  • Ensure that you close all doors and windows at night and in the early mornings, so that the mosquitos do not enter inside your house.

The above are some of the ways in which dengue can be prevented. Make sure that you keep the symptoms and preventions in mind. You should also keep track of your body temperature and even if you find out that you even have a slight fever after checking with a reliable digital thermometer you should not ignore it and get yourself checked as precaution is always better than cure.

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4 Pivotal Questions You Need to Ask Your Community Health Center

community health centers in Newark NJ

Community health care centers are designed to medically aid the underserved areas in the rural as well as suburb communities where there is little access to primary health care for the low-income, uninsured, or underinsured people. These medically underserved areas are known to have a high poverty and infant mortality rate, along with a high elderly population but they have too few primary care providers. Mostly, federally and locally funded, these centers are designed to have strong primary care abilities with new equipment and electronic medical records, so that they can provide immediate medical help to the needy and unfortunate, decreasing their overall health care costs.


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Medical Services at Right Medical Centre

“Not just doctors, diagnose with thebest laboratory in Sharjah. General Physician team to give you overall recovery and find out the actual reason behind stated symptoms is what Right Medical Centre aims at. Diabetes, a fatal disease is also treated here.”


Right Medical Centre was conceptualized and conceived by Dr. N.K Gupta. He is serving the mankind throughout his career. Boosted by ahighly skillful team of doctors it stands as a one point medical solution center. Along with that, it has a highly equipped laboratory in Sharjah certified by Ministry of Health, UAE.


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Treat your pain bone to bone –Orthopaedics

“Right Medical Centre provides a sum total solution for orthopaedic, musculoskeletal disorder, bone fracture, sports injury and lot more. Orthopaedic surgeon supported by technologized and efficient Physiotherapist pledges complete rehabilitation. “


Sprain?  Pain in bones? Connect Right Medical Centre and get it relieved in a flash!!


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Right medical Centre- Right Choice for Best Physician

“Right Medical Centre congregates experienced team of doctor covering all specialization and disease. Under the leadership of Dr. N.K Gupta it is a medical set up at Sharjah which is accessible 24X7 through the website.  Get your booking with Doctor just by a click.”

Heart Stethoscope

Bid adieu to your diseases with Right Medical Centre, a right choice for your family. With a team of best physicians in Sharjah, it is at your service round the clock.  Experienced and specialist doctors, high technology laboratory, multiple health packages, insurance affiliates and online accessing facilities accomplishes it to serve you best with shortest turnaround time.


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