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Dating Your Friend’s Ex? 3 Vital Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Maintain a Healthy Relationship

“Are you dating your friend’s ex? If yes, then read the article to get some useful relationship advices.”

Whenever I question some of my friends or close ones, “Would you date your friend’s ex?”, they either give me a disgusted look or else, they tell me unequivocally that they would never do such a thing. Why? Of course, because they believe that’s almost next to a crime or a sin! Well honestly, even I’m not quite comfortable with this idea, maybe because I haven’t faced such a situation. But yes, I don’t oppose it. After all, if you, your friend and his/her ex (your boyfriend/girlfriend) is okay with the relationship and are comfortable with it, nobody should have a problem! So yes, if you are dating your friend’s ex, I’m not going to judge you. Instead, I’m going to help you make this relationship healthier with your boyfriend/girlfriend, as well as with your friend.


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